LIVED is currently negotiating screenings within Scottish secondary schools of our documentary, Learning to Swim, which shares the experiences of some school-aged Syrian refugee children living inside and outside the Zaatari refugee camp.

The intention of the secondary school documentary screenings and associated activities is to: (1) facilitate reflection and discussion among students on the meaning of home and their hopes for the future; (2) encourage students to identify with the lived experiences and stories of the children who are in the documentary, engaging with what might be similar to their own personal experiences, as well as what might be different, and why?; (3) Allow students the chance to express their feelings, thoughts and questions to the Syrian children featured in the film through letter writing and drawing; (4) Create meaningful and resonating points of connection, empathy and understanding among young Scottish students and the young Syrian children in the documentary who would not otherwise encounter each others stories, thereby hoping to humanise the ongoing conflict in Syria.

The proposed sessions consist of the screening of the documentary (25 minutes), followed by an interactive and dialogic classroom activity led by a LIVED team member on the topics of home, childhood and education in displacement, to name a few.

If you would like LIVED to screen the documentary in your school, please contact David Anderson at