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Migrant Voices Public Narratives: A Postgraduate Roundtable with PROF. ALESSANDRO TRIULZI, president of the Archive Delle Memorie Migranti

Friday 6 November, 10-12am, Staff Room, 6 floor, CMB, George Square

Presented by School of Social and Political Science and LIVED

It's a long road from narration to action. We begin with basic questions - what are the means for recording someone's story?, why are migrants' stories so important for us? and what can a migrant's own voice tell us? - to arrive at more complicated issues, such as how narratives might be be made more visible and audible, how might they challenge social conversations and with what implications, and what can be done to expand their impact. How can we travel, in other words, from voice to action?

This roundtable session aims at an exchange of ideas and thoughts about strategies, potentials, obstacles as well as implications of creating and disseminating migrant narratives. In January 2012 in Rome, L'Archivio delle memorie migranti (AMM) was founded to provide for the documentation of migrant narratives from across Italy. On 6 November we have the chance to learn about the Archivio's task and to offer our own reflections on the use of migrant voices, in conversation with the president of AMM and Professor of Sub-Saharan African History at the Università di Napoli 'L'Orientale'.

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