Communicating and improving the lived experiences of school-aged children in Bogotá, Colombia

The Lived Bogotá Project aims to improve and shed an ethnographic light on the lived experiences of internally displaced young people in Bogotá, more precisely in the town of Altos de la Florida, through the creation of a participatory documentary and the provision of film-making workshops.

Following on from the success of our previous documentary Learning to Swim - about the lived experiences of school-aged Syrian children in Jordan - LIVED Bogotá is again seeking to reveal the stories of displaced young people in a way that is meaningful and that resonates. LIVED Bogotá is comprised of two interconnected activities: the production of a participatory documentary and the provision of film-making workshops.

Participatory documentary and film-making workshops ambitions: Sharing voices often forgotten through the creation of a base of local film-making knowledge

LIVED proposes to provide an avenue for young people in Colombia to participate in a documentary film-making workshop that will not only provide them with a skill, but also the opportunity to cultivate a voice and share their story. This is key for a country that experiences post-conflict scenarios in the middle of an ongoing armed conflict, as processes of historical memory have already started to take form and as the voices of young people remain missing.

By connecting agency and creativity, this initiative offers a means for self-expression and reflection that could be rejuvenating for people or communities who have suffered trauma, particularly when combined with the ability to substantively change circumstances. These workshops aim at providing a variety of transferable skills, such as teamwork, collaboration, self-direction, communicational, creative and technical skills, which will result in the production of a documentary about their lived experiences of displacement. The overarching idea is to establish a base of local film-making knowledge upon which later initiatives can be built. Local youth can maintain and further develop workshops and film-making projects that LIVED will then be able to support and re-engage with during return visits over the coming years.  By locating and supporting know-how in the community, LIVED seeks to foster the creation of a sustainable and self-perpetuating project.