Book Drive for Refugees in Calais

This past autumn, LIVED has organised a book drive for refugees in Calais, more specifically for the ‘Jungle Library’, a library run by volunteers. The initiative was created as a result of the library receiving demands from displaced individuals to provide specialized and/or academic books to assist them in furthering their higher education - an education which was interrupted as a consequence of war. For two months, we set up various drop-off points around the University of Edinburgh, and students, staff members and members of the public generously donated their academic books. A first round of boxes were brought to Calais by Re-Act, and we heard from the library staff that the books we sent were very popular! The book drive has now ended, and our last boxes of books are packed and ready to send to the ‘Jungle Library’, contributing to further education in this makeshit camp. We would like to thank everyone who generously donated their academic books and contributed to make this initiative a success!