January-March 2015 Update

LIVED has been busy over the past few weeks screening our documentary Learning to Swim to different audiences in Edinburgh. Filmed in and around the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan, Learning to Swim communicates the experience of school-aged Syrian refugee children in displacement. The screenings have been successful in raising awareness about the situation of these young people, and in communicating the experiences that are often forgotten by the media portrayals of the Syrian war. The facilitated discussions that followed the screenings of the documentary were fruitful for both our team and the audience, creating a space where reflections and ideas of displacement could be shared, and suggestions regarding the production of our next documentary were welcomed.

Events like these are especially important in order to raise awareness about the ongoing conflict in Syria, but also about the experiences that can be found in displacement more broadly. This is why we are now working towards disseminating the documentary to larger audiences both locally and internationally with a few screenings being organised in the United States in the following weeks. Our team is also currently translating Learning to Swim to Spanish in order to hold screenings in Colombia, where we will provide film-making workshops and film our next documentary in July 2015.

Furthermore, on a local level we will soon begin screenings of the documentary in secondary schools around Edinburgh with the intention to create meaningful and resonating points of connection, empathy and understanding among young Scottish students and the young Syrian children in the documentary who would not otherwise encounter each others stories, thereby hoping to humanise the ongoing conflict in Syria.

If you would like to organise a screening and facilitated discussion of Learning to Swim, please contact us at livedprojects@gmail.com.