LivedUpdates: Access Team

We would like to kick off this series with an update from the Access Team, provided by our Field Coordinator.

The access team has been extremely busy over the last few weeks, with both the length and frequency of our meetings greatly increasing! We are getting closer to the time of our departure to Jordan, and many practicalities and logistical aspects have to be considered.

We applied for our permit to have access to Zaatari refugee camp a few weeks ago, and we should have a confirmation by April 20th on whether we got awarded the 6 days permit we are hoping for. Media access to the camp is normally only offered for a 2-day period, but we asked if it would be possible for the purpose of our project to have an extended permit.

In the meantime, we are also contacting agencies and NGOs who are working with Syrian refugees in Zaatari camp, but also in Zaatari village, Mafraq and Amman in order to establish contact and learn more about their work. We are also keeping in touch with UNHCR, our main contact in Zaatari camp. It will be very nice to finally meet the individuals in the field who have helped us so far in our project, and it will be interesting to get a better understanding of the services and programs offered to the refugees in and around Zaatari, and to discuss the contribution that we can bring.

We are also in the process of looking at accommodation, plane tickets and car rentals, which makes the project very tangible and makes us very excited. We will be commuting everyday from Amman to Zaatari camp and its surroundings, but we need to find a means of transportation that can include the whole team. This also means that we are looking at rental apartments in Amman, since it will be nice to have our own private space to discuss and reflect on our daily experiences and encounters. We are pretty confident that everything should be booked in the next few days, bringing us one step closer to Jordan.