As an organisation and as individuals, we are committed to the following principles:

  1. Transparency and inclusivity at every level of how we operate and conduct LIVED as an organization.
  2. Sensitivity and respect for those we work with and alongside.
  3. A non-exploitive, non-instrumental, non-discriminatory approach towards engaging with displaced populations.
  4. Rigorous reflexivity and critique of wider social-political structures we are operating within.
  5. Relationships built and maintained by compassion, friendship, tolerance and trust at the core of all our activities.

Charitable Purposes

The primary purpose of LIVED is (b): the advancement of education: by contributing to the promotion of sustainable forms of education in contexts of displacement, and facilitating knowledge exchange and dissemination among the wider public in order to raise awareness and understanding of the lived experiences of refugees with the wider intention to foster the creation of empathy.

Through the previously outlined activities, the following purposes may also be realised:

(a) The prevention or relief of poverty

(j) The advancement of human rights

(l) The promotion of equality and diversity

*Adaptability: Given the complex and volatile nature of displacement crises, the organisational structure of LIVED is deliberately designed to enable the organisation to carry out its activities in various contexts of displacement, thereby allowing LIVED to adapt to global circumstances and periods of conflict.